2 Pedaler Hitch Hiker Electric Pedal Assist

surrey bike electric pedal assist
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Price $1,995.00

The Hitch Hiker is an eletric pedal assist for any Surrey bike of all makes and models.  Easy to install and operate, the Hitch Hiker provides assistance in electrically propelling your Surrey for up to 20 miles* on a single charge.

Easily attachable to any Surrey make or model as a trailing 5th wheel

Vital original Surrey components, such as rear hubs with heavy duty axles, drum brakes and heavy gauge spokes are not sacrificed by adding the Hitch Hiker

Engages and disengages the riding  surface by simply turning a crank, which eliminates drag during pedaling

1,000 watts of pushing power

Powerful 60 volt brushless motor

Light-weight Lithium ion battery

Weighs the same as an average 8 year old child

The Hitch Hiker comes with a 5 amp charger that recharges the battery in 6-8 hours.

Requires some assembly and simply bolts on to your surrey, but does require 5-6 holes to be drilled in your surrey frame for secure installation.


* Performance depends on riders' size and riding conditions.