Beach Girl Cruzer Bike

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Price $364.95

A Premium Beach Bike

The Beach Girl, South Coast Cruzer’s women’s beach cruiser, is the lightest, strongest most corrosion resistant women’s beach cruiser bike on the market.

Fame Design. Our frame designers pay close attention the geometry of the frame to ensure our beach cruisers ride as good as they look.  Frame geometry is an important, and often overlooked, aspect of bicycle frame design.  Where the rider comfortably sits in relation to the cranks and the handle bars is vital in a well-design beach cruiser.

The other important aspects of frame design are appearance and the materials used in its construction.  South Coast Cruzers is committed to novel and attractive frame designs.  Our designs are not “cookie cutter” designs offered by dozens of other manufacturers.  Many companies offer aluminum alloy frames, but our Beach Boy and Beach Girl models also offer aluminum alloy forks as well.  Who else does that?

Component Choice. Most beach cruisers on the market will cut corners in areas what the buyer is not paying attention.  Other manufacturers use steel handle bars and cover them with foam grips.  They give you either double walled rims or heavy gauge spokes. South Coast Cruzers give its customers both double-walled alloy rims and 12 gauge stainless steel spokes with brass nipples.  South Coast Cruzers uses aluminum alloy components in all places that are practical.  Our method of beach cruiser bike production results in the lightest, strongest, most corrosion resistant beach bike on the market.  After all, we are in the beach cruiser bike industry.

From the Beach Girl’s aluminum alloy handle bars to its 410Z KMC “Rust Buster” chain to the alloy cranks, stem and seat post, this beach cruiser delivers light weight, high strength performance for years to come.  South Coast Cruzers are designed to withstand the significant challenges of operating in salt air environments both as a rental cruiser bike to generate revenue and as a personal use bicycle to look and operate good for years.  That means these beach bikes will perform even better in areas away from the salt water and sand.  Compare the Beach Girl Cruzer against other beach cruisers on the market and you will quickly see nothing else measures up and nothing else offers nearly the same value.

The South Coast Cruzer difference…

•All aluminum alloy frame with flared integrated head tube

•All aluminum alloy fork (unique in the beach cruiser industry)

•All aluminum alloy stem and handle bar

•Kraton grips with alloy rings

•All aluminum alloy seat post and clamp

•Aluminum alloy cranks

•South Cruzer Comfort Saddle made by Velo

•Aluminum alloy KT Coaster brake rear hub

•Aluminum alloy Quando High Performance front hub

•Head set with alloy cap

•Aluminum alloy kickstand

•12 Gauge stainless steel spokes with brass nipples

•Double walled aluminum alloy rims (unique in the beach cruiser industry when coupled with 12 gauge spokes)

•KMC 410Z “Rust Buster” chain

•Sealed bearing alloy bottom bracket

•26 x 2.125 Duro Beach Bum Tire

•Under 30 lbs assembled

•Available in pink, yellow and teal.


Assembly is required.

Qualified dealers and rental companies call for special pricing.