Grande Delfino

Grande Delfino
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International Surrey Company is a distributor of the well-renouned Grande Delfino quadricycles. These world-class four wheel bicycle products are offered at the best prices ever!

The Grande Delfino quadricycles have been a mainstay in the global commercial Surrey bike rental market for decades at hotels, resorts and other recreational areas, such as Walt Disney World. Designed for 9 adults and 2 children, the Grande Delifno includes:

  • · High grade powder coat paint
  • · Foam injected molded seats
  • · Drum brakes
  • · Stainless steel awning posts, bumpers and fenders
  • · Reinforced high grade steel frame
  • · Stainless steel rims
  • · And much more...

Assembly required.  Assembled units available for an extra charge.  Call for details.

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