Single Bench Classic-Pro (single speed only)

Single Bench Classic-Pro (single speed only)
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Price $1,995.00

The Single Bench Classic-Pro Surrey, accommodating up to 3 adults and 2 small children, is an economical home version that is an alternative to the Surrey Deluxe™. The Single Bench Classic-Pro Surrey provides families with the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and get exercise together. 

The Single Bench Classic-Pro Surrey exclusively features dual steering wheels (one a “dummy” wheel) and aluminum plate floorboard. The Single Bench Classic-Pro Surrey also includes:

• 28 Tooth Rear Freewheels for easy pedaling
• Molded Foam Bench Seats
• Dual Rear Drum Brakes
• Rack and Pinion Steering
• “Dummy” Headlamps

This model is offered on other websites for more than $2,000!

Net Weight: 190 lbs
Loading Capacity: 600 lbs
Persons: Fits Up to 3 Adults and 2 small children 
Length: 75 Inches 
Front Wheel Base Stance: 32 Inches 
Rear Wheel Base Stance: 33 Inches 
Cycle Width 48 inches
Front Tire Sizes: 2.50 x 16 inches 
Rear Tire Sizes: 2.50 x 18 inches

Tire Type: Four Ply, Commercial Rated 
Chain Guard: Boxed In Full Cover
Chains: Nickel Plated Steel
Rear Wheel Guards: Cage Type
Frame: Hi Grade Steel with Tiger Brand Powder Coating
Canopy - Canvas (extended to cover front child seat) with PVC Rain Guard Supports 
Seats: Injected Molded Foam 
Cranks: Independent Freewheel
Bearings: Sealed
Pedals:  Cast Aluminum
Rack & Pinion Steering 
Front & Rear Lights 
Diamond Plated Steel Floor 
Waterproof Fittings 
Stainless Steel Hardware: Chains, Awning Posts, Wheel Guards

Assembly required.  Assembled units available for an extra charge.  Call for details.