Surrey Stretch Limousine Deluxe

Surrey Stretch Limousine Deluxe
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Sale Price $4,995.00

The Surrey Stretch Limousine Deluxe is the newest addition to the Surrey family. 

The  Surrey Stretch Limousine Deluxe™ was designed with an appreciation of our past and an eye to the future.  The result is the Surrey Stretch Limousine Deluxe™, unique in its design and style with no equal.

Designed for nine adults and two small children, the four wheel Surrey bike provides families and other sightseers with the ability to leisurely enjoy any park, boulevard, beach or lakefront.

At home, a Surrey bike is perfect for families to enjoy their neighborhood, local city park and other areas suitable for bike riding.

The Surrey Stretch Limousine Deluxe™ includes the following features:

  • Aluminum alloy wheels with motorcycle stainless steel spokes
  • Patented dual handle bar child seat
  • Foam injected molded seats
  • Aluminum diamond plate floor board
  • Reinforced steel frame
  • Stainless steel fenders and panels
  • All sealed bearings
  • Sunbrella marine grade materials
  • 20 year powder coat bake on paint
  • Industrial rust proof chain
  • And much more...
It is a real attention getter!  This model is most popular with large families and business for business promotion and rentals
Please note: This unit is single speed only.

Assembly required.  Assembled units available for an extra charge.  Call for details.

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