Surrey Tram

Surrey Tram
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Price $1,695.00

The Surrey Tram is a great addition to your existing Surrey bike or a new Surrey you are purchasing.  The Surrey Tram will connect to any Surrey we offer and just about every Surrey bike in use, whether or not from International Surrey Company.

The Surrey Tram is propelled by the riders on the Tram who have their own pedals and rear drum brakes.

The great advantage to the Surrey Tram is that it allows Surrey owners to accommodate the extended family when they visit so that Surrey rides are truly a family experience.  But, also allows the Surrey owners to enjoy their smaller Surrey cycle when there are no extra pedalers to do the extra work required.

The addition of the Surrey Tram to rental fleets gives your fleet great flexibility! 

The Surrey Tram is a Deluxe model. So, it features all of the fine craftsmenship and components displayed on the Surrey Deluxe models.

Order your Surrey Tram with your new Surrey and get a $200 discount.